Frog God Loves You

by frog god

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here it is, my first EP, a 6-song amalgam of weird, unrelated, drug-fueled ditties i've made in the past year. i'm pretty proud of these songs. as i write this, these songs are the peak of my music career. enjoy.


released January 1, 2016

written entirely in the worst year of existence so far: 2015

produced, written, performed, and mixed entirely by Frog God



all rights reserved


frog god San Diego, California

Frog God is a prodigiously talented and deliriously odd musician whose work travels far beyond the constraints of parody and novelty into the heart of surrealist ecstasy. Fueled by marijuana, psilocybin mushrooms, adderall, and an all-consuming love for music, Frog God has created his own self-contained universe, a parallel dimension where he exists as a god. ... more

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Track Name: Frog God Loves You
if you could open the door,
you'd see what you never saw before.
a man, standing five foot seven
waiting to take you to heaven

he's a frog god with flowers
watching minutes turn into hours
you can sleep knowing Frog God loves you
or we can sit around and make do

what's wrong with that situation?
do you lack courage or motivation?
do you want to wither in the dark?
or do you wanna ignite a spark?

well you don't have to tell me now
though that would be great
i can make it work somehow
on terms you can dictate
Track Name: Burnington
walk through walls to burnington,
don't be afraid to close your eyes.
there's a place for you and me,
we can go after we die.

have i ever been this lost?
or have i finally reached the light?
walk for miles to jericho
gently go into the night
Track Name: The Spaceman Chronicles
I'm all alone in my spaceship to Mars
I said, "Yo, when we get there?" They said, "Not far."
I wanna go to sleep they said "Keep your eyes up."
I'm just a spaceman, I'm just a spaceman.
They said "Look out your window, see the splendor!"
But I saw nothing that did not make me wonder
How fucking small we are, that we'll soon die
Without ever realizing we were alive.

Go to sleep, go to sleep
Go to sleep, go to sleep,
Go to sleep, go to sleep,
Go to sleep, go to sleep...

I wanna get off this ship, please take me onto land
They told me to focus on the mission at hand.
I drank a Monster drink and felt my life slip away,
And now I don't know what to expect each day.
There's an alien, he said he wants to be my friend
He said if not he's gonna make the whole world end
I shake his hand and say "Looks like we're brothers now."
He said he wants to take me out for a plow...

Go to sleep, go to sleep
Go to sleep, go to sleep,
Go to sleep, go to sleep,
Go to sleep, go to sleep...
Track Name: Hannah
walking down a corridor in the middle of maine.
i stepped outside to see if it had rained.
you flash your eyes so green in the color grey;
my mouth was open, but i didn't know what to say.

hannah, hannah,
why don't you say hello?
hannah, hannah,
why wait before you go below?
hannah, hannah,
i could never say no
to those green eyes that haunt me in the night

jump off a bridge and hope to see the sun.
hannah just loves to hate everyone.
she looks at me, and this is what she says:
"let's kill each other, it's the end of days!"
Track Name: Deus Ex Machina
I ordered pizza but no one came,
I think that God has it out for me.
I think you and I are one and the same,
But we act so differently.

Your friend had fucked-up teeth but smiled all the time,
I think that’s called dramatic irony.
Then you smiled and wrapped your hand up in mine,
And slipped your bracelet onto me.

It said "I love you" though we just met,
And the shitty music filled my ears.
After you left I was hit with the regret,
And a hatred of my never-ending fears.

Madiskade, you left me standing in the shade,
Thinking about what coulda been.
Oh, just think of the love we could’ve made,
If I had god spring from my machine.
Track Name: Bill Gates Library
I'm stuck in the Bill Gates Library.
Looks like it was built in the seventies.
I've got Shelby standing next to me,
Showing me her toes.

I don't wanna see that shit.
You know it makes me fucking sick.
We're in a dream, stuck in a dream,
And nothing is as it seems...

Wrapped in plastic, not meant to be touched
But the wrapping didn't imply as such
I guess it's apparent looks can deceive
As he yells for me to leave, to leave...

I don't wanna see that shit.
You know it makes me fucking sick.
Look in the mirror, inside the gold bathroom,
Staring back at you is the gorgeous face of doom.